Webinar with Susanne Vogl: How to work qualitatively with young children?

8. April 2021 / Sowi IV

Theoretical and practical considerations combined with experiences from the field.

As part of the DigiGen Project (Funded under the H2020-framwork), researchers give insights into the theoretical and practical considerations of DigiGen researchers as they seek to capture young children’s experiences and include them in researcher. DigiGen trys to better understand the impact of digital transformations on children and young people. In the context of its focus on the family, the project investigates children’s use and assessment of ICT and its importance to their everyday lives. In a recent webinar, Susanne Vogl outlines the state-of-knowledge on researching young children from a methodological point of view, illustrates the role of children in conducting research. DigiGen researchers then share experiences from the field work with families in Austria, Romania, Estonia and Norway to illustrate how the theory is translated into practice.

The webinar is accessible here:

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Susanne Vogl

Prof. Dr.

Leitung Sowi IV
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