Deliberative co-creation

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When exploring citizens' imaginations and preferences regarding democracy, their perspectives are often shaped by their personal knowledge and experiences. However, what if we engage citizens in discussions with their fellow citizens? How would citizens collectively design democratic systems for Earth and Mars?

DDME introduces a deliberative and co-creative approach that empowers citizens to make informed and collective decisions about their desired democratic system. Public deliberative experiments will be conducted in Germany, the United States, and India, involving a diverse range of 600-800 randomly selected citizens in each country. The experiment will take place on a hybrid platform, combining both asynchronous and synchronous modes of interaction, and will feature the participation of democracy experts.

Through this unique deliberative field experiment, citizens will have the opportunity to creatively design their own models of democracy for both Earth and Mars. The experiment aims not only atgeneratingnew and original insights into the significance of information provision and deliberation for citizens' democratic preferences but at providing a more unified vision of the ideal and desirable model of democracy.

By enabling citizens to engage in collective decision-making and fostering deliberation, DDME seeks to explore innovative approaches to democratic design and generate valuable insights for the advancement of democratic systems.

We conduct the public experiment in two countries from the Global North (Germany and the United States) and one country from the Global South (India).

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