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Democracy - Participation - Transformation

Welcome to the Institute for Social Sciences (SOWI) at the University of Stuttgart!

The Institute for Social Sciences at the University of Stuttgart focuses on the following three core research areas:

Democracy, participation and sociality

The first research area concerns the theoretical and empirical exploration and analysis of 21st century democracy, representation and deliberation, political attitudes and electoral behavior, civic participation and dialogue, involvement in environmental and technology conflicts, and the importance of new technologies for the emergence and action of social movements and collectives.

Political and socio-technical transformation processes

 In this research area, we examine central aspects of political, social and technological change, such as the emergence of democratic political institutions beyond the nation state or the complex socio-technical transformation processes that accompany the digital revolution.

Research methods

Special emphasis is put on the development and application of advanced social science methods - including the statistical modeling of social structures and processes, survey and deliberation experiments, computer-aided text analysis, and innovative methods in social systems analysis and qualitative social research.

Unique features

Our study programs are designed to thoroughly train students in social science theories and research methods. They include the BA Social Sciences, the MA Empirical Political and Social Research and the MSc Planning and Participation.

A unique feature of the Stuttgart Institute for Social Sciences is that it trains, educates and prepares students for a broad range of career opportunities. Another central feature is its strong focus on quantitative and qualitative methods training as well as its integrated Franco-German dual degree program with Science Po Bordeaux, which provides students with the opportunity to pursue two degrees, at two different universities in two countries, enabling them to develop a truly international perspective.

Managing director:

This image shows André Bächtiger

André Bächtiger

Prof. Dr.

Leitung Sowi II
Geschäftsführender Direktor Gesamtinstitut

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