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Achim Hildebrandt

Prof. Dr.

Associate Professor
Institute for Social Sciences
Department of Political Theory and Empirical Democracy Research


Breitscheidstr. 2
70174 Stuttgart
Room: 4.80

Office Hours

on appointment by E-Mail

summer term 2024

Seminar: Typen autokratischer Regime (three courses)
Vorlesung: Politische Geschichte der BRD

Earlier courses

Habilitation, Political Science, University of Stuttgart

Ph.D., Political Science, University of Stuttgart

since 2010
Senior Lecturer (akademischer Oberrat)

Lecturer (akademischer Rat)

Research Assistant at the Institute for Social Sciences, University of Stuttgart

Study of Political Science, Literary Studies and History at the University of Tübingen, the University of Bonn and the Free University of Berlin

2023: Particularly in Highly Developed and More Gender Egalitarian Societies: Sex Differences in Attitudes towards Homosexuality. The Journal of Sex Research (with Sebastian Jäckle).

2023: A Matter of Trust: How Political and Social Trust Relate to the Acceptance of Covid-19 Policies in Germany. German Politics, 32(4), 618-642 (with Sebastian Jäckle, Eva-Maria Trüdinger, and Uwe Wagschal). 

2023: Franchise Extensions and Second-order Contests – Evidence from German Local Elections. Local Government Studies, 49(1), 100-119 (with Angelika Vetter and Patrick Bernhagen).

Attitudes towards Federalism in Germany and Switzerland. Advancing Research on the Configuration, Determination, and Transformation of Subnational Identities and Preferences (ATTFED)” (DFG-SNF)

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