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Eva-Maria Trüdinger

PD Dr.

Post-doctoral researcher
Institute for Social Sciences
Department of Political Theory and Empirical Democracy


+49 711 685 83668
+49 711 685 82333

Breitscheidstr. 2
70174 Stuttgart
Room: 4.111

Office Hours

on appointment by E-Mail

Research project Attitudes towards Federalism in Germany and Switzerland. Advancing Research on the Configuration, Determination, and Transformation of Subnational Identities and Preferences (DFG-SNF)

Post-doctoral research position, Developing Participatory Spaces using a Multi-stage, Multi-level, Multi-mode, Multilingual, Dynamic Deliberative Approach (M4D2), H2020

Professor ad interim, Chair of Comparative Political Science, Department of Political Science, LMU Munich (winter term 2019/2020, summer term 2020)

Habilitation, Political Science, University of Stuttgart

2015-2019 (maternity and parental leave in 2017)
Post-doctoral position, own research project, “Conditional support for civil liberties and preferences for domestic security policies among citizens in Germany”, German Research Foundation

Managing director (German Study) of the European Social Survey (ESS) 6

Ph.D., Political Science, University of Stuttgart (“summa cum laude”)

Research assistant, project: Political trust and the support of welfare state reforms in Germany, German Research Foundation

Since 2004
Affiliation with the Institute for Social Sciences at the University of Stuttgart

Diploma in Social Sciences, diplômée de l’Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Bordeaux

2023: Setting limits to tolerance: An experimental investigation of individual reactions to extremism and violence. Frontiers in Political Science, (with Conrad Ziller)

2022: Considered effective? How policy evaluations and threat perceptions affect support for surveillance in the context of terrorism. In: Politics & Policy, (with Conrad Ziller)

2022: A Calamitous Connection: Declining Political Trust Amplifies the Negative Effect of Growing Concerns About Democracy on the Acceptance of Anti-pandemic Policies. In: International Journal of Public Opinion Research, (with Achim Hildebrandt, Matthias Sand and Anja Rieker)

2022: Communal and Exchange-Based Trust in Germany Thirty Years After Reunification: Convergence or Still an East–West Divide? German Politics, (with Daniela Braun)

2022: Attitudes vs. actions? Direct-democratic preferences and participation of populist citizens. In: West European Politics, (with André Bächtiger)

2022: A Matter of Trust: How Political and Social Trust Relate to the Acceptance of Covid-19 Policies in Germany. In: German Politics, (with Sebastian Jäckle, Achim Hildebrandt, and Uwe Wagschal).

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