ECPR General Conference, Oslo (Norway)

10. September 2017 / Sowi I

Die Abteilung SOWI I war in diesem Jahr auf der ECPR General Conference in Oslo mit vier Vorträgen (!) präsent:

Dominic Pakull: Seeking access to EU institutions: Do different interests target different venues? (zusammen mit David Marshall, University of Reading und Patrick Bernhagen, University of Stuttgart; Panel: Lobbying across Branches of Government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial)

Elisa Deiss-Helbig und Uwe Remer-Bollow: “Exploring the Impact of Local Presence on Attitudes towards Asylum Seekers”. (Panel “With Malice towards Some: The Political Psychology of Prejudice, Discrimination and Acceptance“)

Uwe Remer-Bollow und Angelika Vetter: “What about the Representativeness of our Cases? 'Big Data' and the Use of Democratic Innovations”. (Section on Democratic Innovations)

Felix Goldberg: „Analyzing Corporate Inside Lobbying with Public Data“ (Section on Interest Groups)

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