Vortrag von Rob Kitchin

16. Mai 2024, 18:15 Uhr

Smart planning? The progress and prospects of intelligent planning systems.
Hospitalhof Stuttgart

Zeit: 16. Mai 2024, 18:15 Uhr
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In recent years there has been a move towards seeking intelligent planning systems composed of 3D digital twins, building/city information modelling, realistic simulations of planning scenarios, automated and real-time tracking of the planning processes, and citizen consultation platforms. Planning it seems is destined to become smart, or at least smarter. This talk considers the progress and prospects of smart planning and its potential impacts on the planning system and its potential to produce more sustainable and socially just places. The analysis draws on four studies: one, that has sought to build 3D city information model for Dublin; a set of interviews with planners about the prospects of smart planning; charting the existing constellation of planning IT systems and associated data ecosystem; and an assessment of how citizen-centric and participatory smart city systems are in practice.


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