9. April 2021 / Sowi V


Lecture Series hosted by the Cluster of Excellence IntCDC in cooperation with the International Center for Cultural and Technological Studies (IZKT), University of Stuttgart.

First Lecture | 15.4.2021 | 17:30
University Buildings as Pioneers of Urban Development

Second Lecture | 6.5.2021 | 17:00
Universitätsgebäude für eine neue Kultur der Zusammenarbeit
Meeting-Link: https://unistuttgart.webex.com/unistuttgart/j.php?MTID=mcd15620ec67bac22075ede2d7d855026

Third Lecture | 24.6.2021 | 17:00
University Buildings and Experimental Environments Accounting for Future Matters of Concern and More-than-Human Needs (Panel Discussion)

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Prof. Dr.

Cordula Kropp

Leitung Sowi V

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